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Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return To The 36 Chambers The Dirty Version (1995)

I had to add this one to my site and share with you guys, if you havent heard it you really need to give it a spin.
This one turned classic at the minute it was released in my book…to bad ODB left this world couple of years ago R.I.P.

So anyhow, download it and try it out, but keep in mind that his lyrics and language overall is pretty brutal =D


01: Intro
02: Shimmy Shimmy Ya
03: Baby C’Mon
04: Brooklyn Zoo
05: Hippa to Da Hoppa
06: Raw Hide (feat. Method Man & Raekwon)
07: Damage (feat. GZA)
08: Don’t U Know (feat. Killah Priest)
09: The Stomp (feat. Raison the Zoo Keeper)
10: Goin’ Down
11: Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)
12: Snakes (feat. RZA, Masta Killa, Killah Priest & Buddha Monk)
13: Brooklyn Zoo II (Tiger Crane) (feat. Ghostface Killah)
14: Proteck Ya Neck II the Zoo (feat. Brooklyn Zu & Sunz of Man)
15: Cuttin’ Headz (feat. RZA)
16: Dirty Dancin’ (feat. Method Man)
17: Harlem World (feat. Buddha Monk)


Killarmy & Rebel Dainja – Rebel Army [Bootleg] 2016




Û 01. Killarmy°-°Peace to Tha Godz [04:09] Û
Û 02. Killarmy°-°Ambush Pt.1 [04:16] Û
Û (Feat. Dainjamental, Polite, Crunch Lo, Shyheim & Rubbabandz) Û
Û 03. 9th Prince°-°Last Armageddon [03:27] Û
Û 04. 9th Prince°-°Desert Eagle [04:10] Û
Û 05. 9th Prince°-°R U Ready (Feat. Rubbabandz) [03:05] Û
Û 06. Dom Pachino°-°Ambush Pt.2 [03:47] Û
Û (Feat. Dainjamental, Prestige & Skillz) Û
Û 07. Dom Pachino°-°All Eyez on Me [03:42] Û
Û 08. 9th Prince & Dom Pachino°-°Check 1, Check 2 [04:10] Û
Û 09. 9th Prince°-°Criminal Philosophy [03:56] Û
Û 10. Killarmy°-°Day One (Clean) [04:06] Û
Û 11. Dom Pachino°-°Vanishing [04:28] Û
Û 12. Dom Pachino°-°Wannabeez [04:11] Û
Û 13. Dom Pachino°-°Grimy Suspects (Feat. Rubbabandz) [01:36] Û
Û 14. Dom Pachino°-°Fear [03:59] Û
Û 15. 9th Prince°-°Camouflage Children [03:19] Û
Û 16. 9th Prince°-°Foolish Ways [04:14] Û
Û 17. 9th Prince°-°Stand Proud [03:39] Û
Û 18. Killarmy°-°Day One (Dirty) [03:00] Û

Û I’ve been on a real Killarmy kick over the last few weeks and I put this Û
Û playlist together of a lot of the joints that they did with Rebel Dainja. Û
Û A lot of this shit went unreleased for years until Dainja started putting Û
Û it out a few years back. The die hard Wu-heads here will probably have most Û
Û of this shit already, but it’s dope listening to it all together! Û
Û Dainja is craaaazy underrated. The beats on here are grimey as fvck! Û
Û All joints are either Killarmy, Dom Pachino or 9th Prince. Majority of Û
Û these tracks were recorded between 1999 and 2001, and everything is Û
Û produced by Rebel Dainja. This isn’t every track they did together, but Û
Û it’s the cream of the crop in my opinion. (c) Pattch82

Tropical Monday

Tropical goodie goodie

Några grabbar som under ett par år planerat och fixat för att kunna överföra mixtape kassetter till mp3 med kanonljud.
Mycket av de är svårt om inte omöjligt att få tag på så dom ska ha cred för det här slitet 🙂

Som medlem kan man även ladda ner mixarna, men om man är nöjd med att bara lyssna kan man glida över dit direkt.
Finns även en pop up spelare om man vill mecka med annat under tiden, ex jobba, snuska eller vad man nu har på g.

Nedan är en screenshot från sidan så ni ser en härliga layouten, de har även all info gällane kassett typ och liknande.

Skärmklipp 2015-10-06 15.59.02

Company Flow Album Download

Enjoy this album with a subwoofer or damn good headphones,
lots of stuff going on 😉


*MEGA is a damn fine cloudprovider, secure and 50GB free space*!TUwkCDga!4JXXDP0LXvsgIMNJLlMBYA

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