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Sweet Chillhop..autumn style [free download]


Dipset mixtape

If you want a mixtape where things are happening this is for you, lots of short mixes and some longer stuff…but still worthy of some headbangin´
And Dipset released alot of cool stuff, things you wanna bang on high volume.
Download link is from so its free and legal.

Just click the linkie below and enjoy a zip file with tracks in 320kbps
Tape got released on 2008 but tbh i still think it sounds fresh.

Bloody Monk Consortium

So yeah, stumpled upon these guys on Bandcamp a while back, really got hooked.
Really dark and erie feeling, heavy beats and raw lyrics.
Feel free to drop by Bandcamp or hit that Play button below to hear what im taking about.
If one album isnt enough they got a bunch aswell as some limited stuff like vinyl and cassette.
Nuff said…press play

Some really nice Chillout music for you

Really nice soundtrack to the hot days you spend in the sun or with a cold one in your hand.
Free streaming but also free dowload on this one, there are more from this series and all are free so check it out, one some you need to enter your email to get the download link emaild to you.
Its perfectly safe, no spam.
Bandcamp is awesome for finding new stuff.

Just a quick update ;)

Since im in the midst of manic and inspirational feelz i will grab a guide for hosting a website in your Dropbox.
Tried it couple of years ago and it worked without a hitch, gonna try and see if i can make it schnazzy and get a nice adress from Dyndns or services like that.
Gonna use it for music….mixtapes, cds, singles, you name it.

Gonna store all files on my since thats defacto standard for musicblogs these days.

Also got the logo up at Audioholics Anonymous Facebook page, that site is gonna be my jewel.
Got alot of ideas.


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