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Beech Festival Mashup Pack

So if ou missed all the festivals like i did you can pop this is in give it a spin.
Got a bunch of tracks mixed,blended and thrown out for your listening pleasure.

Oh and its free to download aswell, bot single tracks and full shebang



Tunggung i underbyxan


Sweet ass band i have been a fan of for quite som time, they are dropping a new album May 13th.
So in the meantime i will bang to this one, hopefully you will aswell 🙂


I can recommend this site for massive!! of stuff sorted into neat categories and such, the way a tracker should be.
One of the worlds biggest aswell, so head over there, no need to register if you dont want 🙂
And you have to be prepared to use the Google translate thats available when you right click.
But after a while you get used to it, and you can always bokmark the sections you are interested in.

So head over and try it out, i have downloaded a shitload of oldschool rap and speeds are nice 🙂
So go go go!

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