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2007 Eric Prydz – Have A Field Day With Eric Prydz [DJ441] CD

Yay….mixcd from Dj Mag.
You will hear Prydas signature sound and mixing…sweet as hell and varied.
Got the mix uploaded at a new site that is super easy and fast.
You get your own library and easy to share.

Heres the cover for your enjoyment, its also included in the .rar file.
Hopefully you know how to unpack stuff, i think Windows built in can do otherwise Winrar wich is a free program.

And mixdownload is below 😉

Gonna upload some more stuff, listening to another Pryda mix in the background now 🙂
Keep your eyes open, gonna make this blog kicking and screaming


Beech Festival Mashup Pack

So if ou missed all the festivals like i did you can pop this is in give it a spin.
Got a bunch of tracks mixed,blended and thrown out for your listening pleasure.

Oh and its free to download aswell, bot single tracks and full shebang


Tunggung i underbyxan


Sweet ass band i have been a fan of for quite som time, they are dropping a new album May 13th.
So in the meantime i will bang to this one, hopefully you will aswell 🙂


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