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Ubuntu 18.04

So…the slow boot of us using 18.04 and the standard sources.
After reading alot on the net i think i found a nice solution.

You need to start like Synaptic, then go to Dev options and make sure that its a mark in that Bionic-Proposed

When you refresh you will have a bunch of updates and its ok to run them.
But remember that when you have Proposed marked you will get stuff that arent really released to the public

So. after doing this and restarting you can choose to follow Proposed or the slower one.

Xmas and bloody monks

Just ordered me a physical copy of the new compilation cd from Bloody Monk Consortium.
Gonna have it in all its glory in a couple of days 🙂

Kväll med Böla

Ville bara dela en bild med något extra som bara poppade upp i mitt huvud
Nämligen att sitta med en varsin krukväxt i knät, normal har jag aldrig sagt jag är 🙂

image20150818_211814121 (1)





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