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Life Of An Audioholic Bipolar/Alcoholic



*37 years old *Bipolar Disorder Type 2 *… fast..die hard..

Metal Allegiance – Volume II – Power Drunk Majesty


Download below, safe and good tracker, use magnet links for speed

Death Jam Recordings Vol. 1

Not gonna write much, been a while…gonna get better i promise =D
Some horrorcore feat Flatlinerz and others.
Free download

Jeffrey Sutorious (Dash Berlin) Vinyl Mixes x2

2 really awesome sets if you are a oldschool trance head…you will remember track after track.
One of the members of Dash Berlin called Jeffrey Sutorious is behind these gems, they are also mixed purely on vinyl so get ready for some crackling 😉

Ubuntu 18.04

So…the slow boot of us using 18.04 and the standard sources.
After reading alot on the net i think i found a nice solution.

You need to start like Synaptic, then go to Dev options and make sure that its a mark in that Bionic-Proposed

When you refresh you will have a bunch of updates and its ok to run them.
But remember that when you have Proposed marked you will get stuff that arent really released to the public

So. after doing this and restarting you can choose to follow Proposed or the slower one.

Flux Pavilion – Bass Canon Stream+DL

Sug keson ur min vröv!!!

En riktig dubstep stänkare som kom ut samtidigt som Skrillex släppte sina största.
Digga hårt o sug tarm!!


Klicka så kan du lyssna men även ladda ner, jag som kodat om FLAC med fet kvalle till 320kbps MP3 vilket är typ de facto standard.

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