Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI) Kernel Maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman this week released LTSI-3.10.

This latest version, released on Feb. 24, has brought more than 2,500 additional patches on top of the 3.10 Stable Kernel maintained by the kernel community.

The following are some examples of features that have been merged into LTSI-3.10:

Power efficient workqueues
Intel’s BayTrail support
Intel’s Minnowboard support
Renesas’s R-Car series support backported from the latest mainline
Xilinx Zynq board support.

In addition to the new release, Greg has updated LTSI 3.0 and LTSI 3.4. (LTSI 3.0.101 and LTSI 3.4.81 are the latest versions.)
It has been more than two years since LTSI 3.0 was first released. This is the last update of LTSI 3.0, which we call the end of its maintenance cycle. From now on 3.4 and 3.10 are the on-going LTSI Kernels.
Moving forward, we are planning more exciting stuff this year, including the launch of the LTSI Test Suite. This will ensure that businesses can take advantage of the LTSI Kernel much more easily.
So please keep your eye on our website, twitter channel and blogs for more updates.