So, went all in Linux, chose Manjaro as i have tried it before and runnig it on a frankenstein dual monitor setup in my studioroom.
Since its based on Arch its really really fast and has a rolling release schedule (no more crappy reinstalls) but still its stable as hell 🙂

So gonna give ya a screenie with a new wallpaper and a simple conky to keep track of things (and also cause its so lovely and geeky)

Click for a bigger image

Also got 4 workspaces so i have mp3 on 1, webbrowser on 1, Steam on 1 and Irc on 1, this is something you can configure yourself and choose what to have on each.
Or go Windows and have all on the same just minimize and maximize the one you want to use.
I easilly switch between these using Ctrl-alt and then the Arrow buttons.

If you wanna check out more info about Manjaro and maybe try it out just visit ->