Efter att själv testat Ubuntu 12.04 och varit med om alla möjliga felmeddelanden och annat direkt efter en nyinstallation så har jag börjat följa Mints utveckling lite närmare.
Cinnamon fönsterhanteraren är den som jag tycker verka vara en bra fortsättning på gamla goda Gnome 🙂
I nuläget kör jag bara Windows 7 samt en gammal burk med XP, men om jag ska köra en dualboot eller eventuellt kliva över så blir det säkerligen till Mint Cinnamon.

Nedan följer lite info tagen från Linuxmints hemsida rörande just Cinnamon versionen.

Cinnamon was born for the same reasons as MATE. Gnome 2 was one of the core components of Linux Mint, and Gnome 3 lacked the features and design of a suitable alternative. Linux Mint started by developing the extra features it needed on top of Gnome 3 and eventually started to develop its own environment called Cinnamon.

Both Linux Mint and the MATE project came up with really good alternatives to Gnome, but in completely different ways.

Cinnamon is built on Clutter and Gnome 3. It’s a modern-looking environment with a traditional and familiar desktop. It features compositing, animations and some unique innovations but it relies on 3D acceleration, lacks some of the features found in Gnome 2 and isn’t yet compatible with every graphics card available on the market.


  • Cinnamon is among the sleekest and most modern looking environments
  • Cinnamon features innovative features and emphasis on productivity with traditional desktop metaphors
  • Cinnamon is built on rapid technologies and its development pace is really fast
  • The Cinnamon community is very active, and produces a lot of new themes and applets


  • Cinnamon requires 3D acceleration and might not work well for you, depending on your graphics card and/or drivers.
  • Cinnamon is brand new and unfortunately not yet as stable as more mature and established desktops such as MATE, KDE or Xfce.
  • Cinnamon relies on Gnome 3 and Clutter, which are also both brand new and going through rapid transformations

Upstream components

Linux Mint 13 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 12.04, Linux 3.2, MATE 1.2, Cinnamon 1.4.

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