So…came home after beeing out of town for a couple of days, headed to bed almost as soon as i came home.

Woke up pretty early and headed to some school-ish stuff, it was pretty ok and nice people after all was done i grabbed my headphones and walked home…felt pretty good for a change.

once i was home i started the laptop and poured a glass a wine, i clicked to start my email client and then “BAM” everything went dead at home…….so now im borrowing from my neighbour…got the net,fridge,a lamp and laptop hooked up.

So everyone of you that write stuff like “life is wonderful..bjabba bjabba bjabba…” please stop that, love isnt tall that fun and games seriously =)

So now i know like..nothing at all, they want some cash for something i already payed and im not the richest guy.

And on top of that i got 2parents that dont talk to me that often, actually texted mom and just told the situation..still no answer.

So..thats it boys and girls, dont get too excited about life cause before you know it you been assfucked by it =D