Well, today is one of them “ideas-spinning-around-in-my-head” day 🙂
Was involved in the webradio Pure.fm couple of years ago, got the chance to borrow one of the servers and hook my cdjs and all up from home.
Easier than 1,2,3..BAM and i was spinning and people wered tuned in from everywhere, stuff like that is nothing you do from your own broadband connection cause it will eventually get so borked you can hardly do shit.

But these servers was rocking some dedicated 100mbps troughput and we also had some trafficbalancing to spread out the traffic and stuff like that.
Anyhow, was cool and i actually learned something hehe…good day.

Also got the oppurtunity to talk to alot of famous and up and coming artist trough my station messenger, mostly just support and stuff but some were really cool to chat with.

I wanna be able to make use of all this, last 3 years in school for me involved alot gfx design and computer related things, 1 to 2nd year i also did alot of photography and developement (whole shebang)

Would be cool beeing involved in something where i can make use of knowledge and contacts, netlabel and maybe get connected with some clubs for some “theme” nights thats powered by (whatever you wanna advertise 😉

Be in the game and maybe get some spintime myself aswell as making new contacts that might be a good addition on my way to my management/label/dj/make shit work career 🙂

Just imagine for a pretty new dj/artist to be able to hook his shit up while spinning at a club, then help out linking the shoutcast/streaming links on the most used social networks.
Thats no biggie but for the one behind the wheels it might be a relief having someone doing that.

Hmm i need something to drink and stand up for a bit so im gonna stop writing now =D