Alot of people, esoecially the ones here in Ikea land might have dropped the commentary sometime and probably will once again.
Why are you writing in English when youre Swedish, thats gay and the whole shebang.

Tbh i dont know what people these days concider gay or homosexual, homosexual or gay for me is either 2 girls getting it on..wich is wonderful according to my oppinion or otherwise 2 dudes sucking schlong.

So please…please help me get the connection between muffdiving/schlongsucking and writing in English.

Sincerely yours..Fredrik, The Ruler Of The World

*Edit..English language undertsanding as i see it is so limited i Swedish, ask some one if he wants a hydrogen bomb under his schlong, he will think thats some kinky vaseline or something…and thats true im afraid