Well finally came to that conclusion, been without my antidepressant med for about a week.
I actually feel more alive and not in a bubble, been writing something i would call a “mindmap” that also with some adjustments could be a nice thing to use when pursuading schools and other instances to go Ubuntu instead of their crappy Xp or 98 that havent seen an internetconncetion since dial-up =)

Well i will work some more on it and also might post the result once done, but atm i suffering one of those “body-is-shaking and its aching” fevers so its up and down and im eating alot of pills to keep the fever down.

But i guess it wont be a lifetime sickness so, hopefully i will recover and get some more strenght back for some ideas and plans.

Until then kisses and hug in a non-gay way 🙂

Oh btw, if someone know the name or number to that wonderful creature i met and was supposed to hook up with the day after please give me an sms or trough some chat.