Friday Softness Tropical Style

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Commodore 64/128


Kommer ihåg runt 93 eller liknande en kompis pappa hade Amiga men sålde även en del teknik, övertalade mamma om att köpa en splittny i kartong och rubbet Commodore 64 med bandare.
1500 riksdaler.

Kom ju sen på grejjen med turboband och skruvmejsel, lyckades dock få tag på en turbo cartridge så man slapp allt sånt.

Fick sedan tag på en fräsch 128 med bandare och floppy, så hade min setup med floppy och 2 bandare samt turbocartridgen.
Underbara tider :)

Lånade alltid en hög med Basic böcker på bibblan och knackade in lite koder med boll som studsade eller såna psykedeliska mandelbrot eller vad de nu heter.

Ajja, kul som fasen, skulle gärna vilja ha tag på liknande setup idag och köra på en av mina 24* skärmar, men men.
Kom nyss på att min version var inte den med bruna knappar utan en vit som var lite smalare än den bruna.

c64_1      c64c_box

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Gelka DJ set – Recorded at Tesla Budapest

Gelka DJ set - Recorded at Tesla Budapest by Gelka on Mixcloud

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Lite USA bilder

Slänger upp några här, eventuellt komma fler i galleri eller separat poster :)

20150420_000439116_iOS 20150420_162134613_iOS 20150420_173741326_iOS 20150420_173907058_iOS 20150421_164541852_iOS

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Quick note for iPhone user

Well, im collecting and got alot of music in FLAC format, basically FLAC is an exact copy of the original cd.
So no compression or qualitty loss like it is on mp3, this format is awesome when burning to cd or listening with a DAC like i have.

But..i also got an iPhone and Apple isnt supporting FLAC cause they have their own version called ALAC i dont know anything about and i honestly dont wanna know =D

Oh well i grabbed a free program that lets you easily convert single tunes or whole folders of FLAC files to mp3

Flacsquisher its the name of that one, got a dropbox link here but be sure to check the site aswell for updated versions

and here is the official sites link

Only thing i want you to do, and that just because you probably wanna keep the best possible qualirt right?

In the command line field mark everything and copy this string

-q 0 -b 320

That way you will end up with mp3files ecoded at 320kbps, and thats really a nice kbps sound, you will be able to enjoy ncie quality on your phone aswell as other devices you wanna use

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Figure drops and absolute banger…damn those speakers are poppin´


M.O.P – Ante Up (Figure Remix).mp3

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File migration

So, i got Dropbox, Boxsync,Mega,Google Drive

Yesterday i migrated most of the stuff to my Onedrive account since i subscribe to the 100GB option for almost no cash at all.
Made some neat folders and felt great :) , i’m one of those guys that need order in my life concerning almost everything.

Dropbox is good for smaller things since it works on openSUSE aswell (using as mainos on mainlaptop)
also got some friends that i have shared folders with, and dont wanna make them switch to Onedrive (1of them is an avid Mac user)

But made myself a nice little webappish shortcut to Onedrive so easy to upload and keep things nice and ordered.
Worth checking out for syncing purposes, have it on my iPhone and it backups all my pictures and videos automaticaly

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