Old School HipHop giveaway ;)


01 05:47 Full Moon
02 00:20 Untitled
03 04:09 Red Lights & Incense
04 04:58 Six Souls Singin’
05 04:04 I.O.U.
06 04:16 Mr. A&R
07 05:23 Brainstorm
08 00:55 Battle Interlude
09 03:58 Rude Boy
10 05:06 Continous Vive
11 01:18 Untitled
12 04:29 Kill A Copy Cat
13 05:25 6 = Mc2
14 04:37 Simply Red



Pegboard Nerds loveage



Download above ;)

Mixtape Sunday!

So sunday funday is here =\

Oh well, i have made .zip for you to enjoy in your player of choice..complete with sexy album art of some kush :P
Hosted on my Mega account so safe to download for you.



Wholigans Demo Tape…yeah from a really tape

Whooliganz - Proposed Album

I like this, kinda ok oldschool hiphop…not listened alot but i think one of them rapped about beeing 15.
Grab it and give it a spin, gotta love that cassette noise between tracks ;)

This was ripped in 2013 from a cassette that is, most likely, a bootleg of the original demo tape, bought from an ex-Tommy Boy employee. Most likely a bootleg, because the condition of the tape and the inserts were clearly not 20 years old. It was sold as genuine but the same seller has repeatedly listed and sold the same item several times. Early versions did not feaure the unlisted interlude and shout out tracks – the seller probably made copies before noticing these extra tracks.

Grab the exclusive tapeish thingy here -> https://mega.co.nz/#F!nQpxwbCD!OZO1iGhaXoAyIacnSM1M-w

Company Flow Album Download

Enjoy this album with a subwoofer or damn good headphones,
lots of stuff going on ;)


*MEGA is a damn fine cloudprovider, secure and 50GB free space*


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