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9 Dagar kvar!!

Bara 9 dagar kvar nu tills man ska ut o se sej om =D

Ska bli så inihelvetes jävla kukskönt på ren svenska, slippa den här pisskylan.

LTSI v3.10 is Now Released


Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI) Kernel Maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman this week released LTSI-3.10.

This latest version, released on Feb. 24, has brought more than 2,500 additional patches on top of the 3.10 Stable Kernel maintained by the kernel community.

The following are some examples of features that have been merged into LTSI-3.10:

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Never Say Die Records Play Dubstep NSD Vol. 54 (Part 2) – Mixed by D-Jahsta

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